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Static Control Systems | Anti Static Bars | Contamination Reduction

Static Control Systems  

Brantech are specialists in providing Static Control Systems for static elimination by ionization through an Anti static Bar, electrostatic generation and Contamination Reduction. Our broad range of Anti Static Bars and products provide customers with reliable cost effective ionizing systems that are built to last. The design philosophy reflects production needs of this nature, the equipment is designed to meet the most stringent performance and reliability requirements.

Anti Static Bars

Our range of Static Control Systems includes Long and Short Range Anti-static Bars, Pulsed DC systems, Ionizing Air Knives, Long Range and Bench top Ionizing Air Blowers, as well as Electro Static Generation systems for IML and Static Pinning.

Web Contamination Reduction

We have both types of Web Cleaning Solutions in our portfolio, the Elastomer Roller Contact system and the WebVac Vacuum continuous duty system, which can be Contact or Non-Contact, this system combines three proven technologies - powerful vacuum, static neutralization with ant static bars and compressed air blow-off, this combination reduces contamination down to 25 microns which is very acceptable in most applications. Our Anti Static Control systems and the Web Cleaning solutions are in everyday operation in a wide variety of Industries including -


In Mould Labeling


Medical / Pharmaceutical



Wood / Chipboard

Printing / Graphic Arts


Bag Making




Electronic assembly

Form Fill & Seal

Contact us for ATEX approved systems for Hazardous Locations also Pulse DC Systems

  We don't just sell Anti Static equipment, we provide solutions to Static Electricity and Contamination problems

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