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Anti Static Bars and Power Supplies

Anti Static Bars

Robust anti-static bars, made from extruded aluminium profile custom made in lengths from 75mm to 3650mm, the combination of the design and build ensures that the bars are rigid even on the longer lengths. The ionizer pins on the anti static bars are capacitively coupled to the high voltage power supplies which have a current limiting capacitor, this makes the bars shockless.Add on air tubes are available to extend the range of the anti static bars from the target making the bar a powerful static eliminator.

Ionizing Power Supplies

Both power supplies are available in 230vac and 115vac, with a High voltage output of 7.5KV

Anti Static Bar BR1200 Round Anti Static Bar BR2200 Rectangular Extended Range Anti Static BarBR4400
Anti Static bar BR1200 Anti static Bar BR2200 Long range Anti Static Bar BR4400
Ionizing Hv Power supply TSN75
Ionizing Hv Power Supply J167


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