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Medical Blister and Parts Cleaning Station

The Medical Blister and Device Cleaning Station is an excellent contamination control tool designed to improve yields by reducing rework. The flush mounted Vac Hood, which incorporates shockless anti static control bars and stainless steel compressed air tubes, removes dirt particles and conveys them to a filtered dust collector. No more blowing particulate around the manufacturing environment or cleanroom causing re-contamination, which is the problem experienced when using air guns, nozzles and other air devices that do not provide a means of source capturing the dislodged contamination. The Cleaning Station is very popular with companies packing medical devices in cleanrooms. Other industries where the Cleaning Station is in use are companies producing and assembling Automotive Lighting Consoles and Dashboard instruments where cleanliness is a necessity and a speck of contamination makes a reject.                                                                                                                   Consists of the following options or we can custom build a system to your specifications:

2 Stainless Steel 15" Vac Hoods  4 Stainless steel air tubes
BR2200 "shockless" anti static bars Optional HEPA filter 99.993 efficiency and housing at left side for air exhaust
Overhead Light VQM5003H 300CFM Collector with HEPA; 3/4HP
Hand Roller Kit for cleaning the work surface Compressed air filter / regulator with 0.03 micron coalescing filter
Download Specifications Medical Blister and Device Assembly Bench
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