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StaticBond SB30 Electro Static Charging System

The SB-30 is a state of the art 150W 30KV DC power supply designed to temporarily bond materials together using electrostatic charging applicators. The programmable output of the supply ranges from zero to greater than full-scale rating (30KV potential and 5.0mA current).

The SB-30 control console provides a simple, reliable user interface for manual operation. An identical remote control console is available for manual operation when an SB-30 is situated in an inconvenient or inaccessible location (e.g. within a closed electrical cabinet) during operation. The remote control console connects to the SB-30 with an industry-standard DB25 cable (up to hundreds of feet long), and requires no other connections (e.g. power) for operation

Dual front-panel orientation (factory option) for either table or wall mounting
Local and/or remote control console with key-switch lockout
Output protection for short-circuit, open-circuit and arc-over load conditions
Four-port output compatible with most major brand charging applicators
Electostatic Spot Charging Device
Electostatic Charging Generator SB30
Electrostatic Charging Bar


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