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Air Knives and Ionizing Air Nozzles

Ionizing Nozzles

use compressed air and are used to provide a source of neutralizing, cleaning and drying many different surfaces in the manufacturing enviroment. Nozzles can be used individually in those hard to get to places, or in a series with many nozzles to cover a wide flat web or contoured surfaces.

Ionizing Air Knives

can deliver a curtain of ionized air over a long distance if necessary to both large and small parts that need cleaning, neutralizing or drying. With Anti Static Bars it is effective as an extended range ionizer and an efficient cleaning device for many applications. We provide both a standard airknife with and without ionization and a high output airknife with and without ionization.


JS Ionizing Nozzle
Ionizing Air Knife Ak2200 and TSN 75 Transformer
Super Air Knife AK3200
JS Ionizing Air Nozzle
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