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Industrial Parts, Tray and Medical Device Cleaning Systems

When trying to clean Medical devices, Plastic Parts or Trays with the use of Ionizing Air Guns, Ionizing Nozzles and Airknives, the contaminants are usually removed and neutralised but where do the particles go ? They usually fall to the floor, onto the operator or workstation to become another problem later. The problem is solved by using a Particle trap which has a Pre-Filter and a HEPA filter system to stop contaminants returning to the atmosphere. The HEPA Clean 2500 and 3000 systems utilises three proven cleaning tools, static neutralisation, high velocity compressed air and advanced HEPA filtration in a single unit. Ideal for Industrial use. Cleanrooms, Medical Applications and packaging or wherever there is a requirement for scrupulously clean parts

Ionizing Parts Cleaner Hepaclean 2500
Contamination Entrapment Tool -  Particle Trap 3000
Ionizing Parts Cleaner Hepaclean 3000


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