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Hepaclean 2500 for Medical Device and General Industry Applications

The new HEPA Clean 2500 from Brantech uses three proven tools, Ionization, Compressed Air amd Hepa Filtration for Industrial and Medical Applications. This stainless steel closed loop parts cleaning system with a very small footprint, allows you to clean parts and medical devices in a Cleanroom without the risk of contaminating the surrounding area. It comes complete with anti static bars, a direct drive high velocity air blower with a balanced impeller for quiet operation and a Fluorescent Interior Work Light. Other features include :

HEPA filter (99% efficient at 0.3 micron)
Motion Sensor for automatic operation
Solenoid valve for automatic operation
Removable side panels for pass through operation
Two machines can be linked together
Ionizing Parts Cleaner Hepaclean 2500
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