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Particle Trap 3000 for Medical Device and General Industry Applications

The Particle Trap 3000 is a source capture tool that solves a major problem related to blowing off particles in the Manufacturing and Cleanroom environments. The Particle trap utilises a reverse fan that pulls ambient air into the cabinet that is supported by a pre-filter and HEPA filter system so that the exit air released back into the atmosphere is free of unwanted contaminants. The quick change pre-filter makes the Particle trap 3000 the ideal system to enhance the blow-off process and increase yield which translates into higher profits. The Particle trap can be used with an Ionizing Air-gun or converted to an Ionized air Cleaning system by mounting one of our Ionizing Air-knives the front aperture. Ideal for Medical Device Manufacturing, Optical, Automobile, Coatings and Electronics Industries.

Contamination Entrapment Tool -  Particle Trap 3000


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