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WebVac Non Contact Web Cleaning System

The Webvac Web Cleaning system from Brantech is a continuous cleaning system designed to provide contact or non-contact cleaning of narrow and wide webs in a variety of critical applications by combining three proven technologies - powerful vacuum, static neutralization and compressed air blow-off. Once removed the contaminants are collected in a High Volume vacuum Dust Collector for safe easy disposal. Complete with Ionizing anti static bars on exit, the substrate is neutralised preventing further contamination. The Webvac can be used in the following Industries and applications :

Die Cutting Printing Slitting
Thermoforming Laminating Chipboard
Textiles Automobile Cardboard
Swarf collection after cutting Medical Film / Plastics / Extruding
WebVac Continuous Duty Web Cleaning Hoods
Web Cleaner High volume Dust Collector


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